Author: Nelson Adams

Tips To Choose The Right Equipment For Wedding Photography

According to Jess Fouts, for best wedding photography, having the right equipment is a great idea. If you want to become a serious photographer, know that you need to buy the right equipment. In this blog, we are going to share with you some tips given by Jessica to help you choose the best equipment […]

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JF Wedding Photography — Jessica Fouts’ Tips

I am Jess Fouts, and I specialize in wedding photography. I have put together is the blog post for those who are looking for wedding photography tips. As an experienced photographer, I can share a few of my tips with you all. Maybe my tips can make you a better photographer. Let’s go ahead and […]

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Jessica Fouts’s Tips For First Time Wedding Photographers

Jess Fouts is here! Today’s post is for new photographers who are looking for tips that can help them get started. You may have feelings of fear and excitement, which is normal when you are getting ready for your first wedding photography session. If you have the required skills and equipment, chances are that your […]

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5 Tips Your Wedding Photographer Forgot To Tell You

Hello guys! Jess Fouts is back with more tips for wedding photography. This time I am going to share 5 tips that most photographers forget to tell their clients. When you shoot a few hundred weddings a year, you get familiar with certain patterns that help you take great shots. Over the past few years, […]

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Being a Photographer Is a Great Job and Here’s Why

Everyone has something that they love so much that they couldn’t spend even just one day without at least thinking about it. And if you ask me, there is absolutely nothing wrong about that. I mean, after all, both you and I have something that is near and dear to our hearts, right? Due to […]

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Three Rules That Every Photographer Needs to Follow

It is pretty much safe to say that photography has become one of the most popular things in the world. Over the last couple of years, its popularity has grown significantly, and it just continues to grow even to this day. Every single day, thousands or maybe even millions of people all over the world […]

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