Jessica Fouts’s Tips For First Time Wedding Photographers


Jess Fouts is here! Today’s post is for new photographers who are looking for tips that can help them get started. You may have feelings of fear and excitement, which is normal when you are getting ready for your first wedding photography session. If you have the required skills and equipment, chances are that your first attempt will be successful. However, It’s even better if you follow a few steps before the big day.

Before The Wedding

Proper preparation for the big day will increase your likelihood of success. For instance, when I was getting ready for my first wedding photo shoot, I visited a lot of photographers’ sites and read a lot of books about the subject. You can use these resources to get a lot of information for free.

The Ceremony

Once you are there, start by taking a few outdoor shots just to test your equipment. Before you get inside, don’t forget to calibrate the white balance of your cameras. And before taking shots, turn off the camera sounds. Your camera shouldn’t make those noises while you are shooting.

Since indoor lighting is slow, I suggest that you use a fast lens, such as f/1.8 or f/2.8. if you can’t afford to buy one, you can rent it.

It’s better to take a few shots of both the bride and the groom right away after the ceremony if possible. It will be harder for you to get people together in one place after their start drinking or eating.

After The Event

Once the event ends, I suggest that you process the images without wasting time. By posting the photos on a website, you can make your clients happy.

Stay in touch with your client and have them go over the photos so that they can let you know which ones you should keep. Also, you can talk about the order details during the same time.

Lastly, make a note of what you shouldn’t have done while taking photos. This will help you do a lot better next time.