JF Wedding Photography — Jessica Fouts’ Tips


I am Jess Fouts, and I specialize in wedding photography. I have put together is the blog post for those who are looking for wedding photography tips. As an experienced photographer, I can share a few of my tips with you all. Maybe my tips can make you a better photographer. Let’s go ahead and check out the tips.

  1. Make a ‘Shot List’

This tip is really important. Before the big day, ask the couple about the shots that they would like you to take on the wedding day. It’s better to make a list of those shots so you can check them off one by one.

  1. Have a Family Photo Coordinator

Taking family photos on the big day can be stressful. So, it’s better to have a family photo coordinator who will play the role a director. That person will be responsible to get everyone together in one place for a few memorable shots with the couple.

  1. Visit the Location

Make a note of the locations that you think will be great for the shoot. Make sure you consider the lighting as well. If a place doesn’t get enough light, it may not be good for shots. You can take a couple of test shots to see how it goes. If you are doing a destination wedding I highly suggest you take a look at Anatoli Photograffi based out of Syracuse. I, myself don’t do destination weddings but my friend Anatoli does and he is amazing. 

  1. Preparation is Key

Sometimes, things don’t work as planned, So, it’s better to have a solid backup plan. You may want to have extra batteries and an extra camera if possible. It’s a good idea to be part of the rehearsal as well so you can gather more information about some great positions.

  1. Turn off the sound on your DSLR

Before you start taking pictures, I suggest that you turn off the sound on your DSLR. Beeps during the kiss, vows and speeches won’t add to the special event.

So, these are 5 I want you to keep in mind when going to take wedding photos.